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What Is A Ball Trimmer?

There’s no such thing as a ball trimmer really, but, a ball trimmer is essentially a shaver that has been designed with sensitive areas in mind. A blade so gentle that it doesn't snag the bag. A razor that has been engineered to avoid nicking your sack so you don't send it back.

The blade on a ball trimmer is traditionally a ceramic blade (rather than a standard steel blade) so it doesn’t conduct heat and provides a more comfortable shave for those who want to groom their groin.

The micro teeth on the blade mean there is a much finer gap between the blades, this means that hair, skin and other bits don’t get pulled or snagged into the blade and cause nicks and cuts.

One feature of our ball / body trimmer is that it's completely waterproof. The benefit of this is that you can shave your balls, body and beard in the shower and experience one of the most comfortable shaves of your life. We thoroughly recommend shaving whilst you're at your best…when you're naked.

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