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How it works

Put simply, our razor works in three ways to help you groom your body hair, safely.

1 - Our razors have micro cutting teeth which means fewer gaps between the blades which helps reduce cuts and nicks
2 - The blades are ceramic which means they move back and forth smoothly and are much less likely to heat up in comparison to steel or other metal blades
3 - Our razors are waterproof, this means you can use them in the shower, or over the toilet or sink without worrying about dropping them 

      Using the NUTS razor is very, very easy but it's important to remember everyone's body is different. Please also ensure that you take great care when making your balls, bits or pits free from hair.

      Ensure your razor is sufficiently charged, a half job is not a good look!
      We find it helps to splash your body with some water, this should firm the skin up and make it ready for our razor to glide over. You're welcome to use gel, foam or shave butter too as it's easily washable and completely waterproof.
      We advise that you pull your skin taut, just like if you were shaving your cheek. Our technology is designed to not drag, pull hair or suck skin into the blade but to get the best and safest results it's important to create a nice flat surface. Approaching the skin at an angle or applying too much pressure, may cause nicks and cuts.

      To reduce the chance of nicks and cuts and, depending on your desired length, we'd recommend using the supplied guards.

      Turn the razor on and use it gently with an upwards motion against the grain. The blades cut cleanly so there's no reason to push hard or force the razor through.
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